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Your home is a reflection of you. If you ooze style and sophistication and then welcome someone into your home where you have shabby carpets, dingy colored walls and non-matching furniture people will automatically doubt your sassy sophistication. Many people are unhappy with their homes for this reason. They simply do not do their unique style and individuality justice. If you find yourself avoiding having people over to visit, or you feel like you constantly seem to be making excuses for your home like the following, then you need some design inspiration! 


’We are going to change that carpet we just haven’t had the time’

’Oh don’t look in that room it isn’t finished...still’

’Ignore the curtains they’ve been here since we moved in we are planning to change them’


These are all too familiar sayings and they needn’t be said! If you are lacking the inspiration, or maybe the time or the funds to make your home your perfect sanctuary then we are here to help. At Autumn Home Show our aim is to make your home beautiful. Whether you are looking for shabby chic, modern man or cozy cottage, we can give you the push in the right direction to turn your dream home into your reality home!



If it is the inspiration that you are lacking then look no further. We have a wealth of wonders ready for you to feast your eyes on. Check out our online gallery where we host pages upon pages of stunning homes including everything from color schemes and storage suggestions to fixture and furniture ideas. You can even use our funky app to type in your preferences and we can generate some great suggestions for you. For example if you typed in shabby chic kitchen we would come back with gorgeous color schemes, furniture ideas, decorations, accessories and fixtures. We include everything from flooring to work surfaces, curtains to plant pots so we are sure to be able to provide you with the much-needed inspiration you are looking for!



If you know what you want already but do not have the time to do it yourself, or simply want someone else to do it but don’t know whom to ask, we have a great contact book. We have names and numbers of the top people in the industry who cater to a range of budgets. Our contact book includes interior designers, builders, painters and decorators, plumbers and suppliers for all sorts of home interior design work.


Fabulous DIY advice

If it is the funds that you are lacking then fear not. DIY is not only very in right now but it is also the best way to make your home unique while keeping to a strict budget. You can turn a second hand rusty lamp into a gorgeous and luxurious one of a kind piece with a lick of paint and a dash of sparkle! 


Make your home really shine!



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